Impact & Performance Report - July to October 2021 (Q2)

Here is a summary of the breadth and depth of our work from July to October 2021, issues/concerns and our forward plan for the next 3 months.

At a glance

We are listening
We recognise the value of listening to people and making sure their voices are heard and understood. This is why we have shared an impact case study alongside raising concerns over the current financial assessment for adult social care processes and have put this forward for scrutiny as an urgent matter.

1,250+ stories and survey responses
We value the insight gained from analysing many different peoples’ experiences to learn how to improve care. This quarter we have focused on getting a deeper understanding of peoples’ experiences.

Providing valuable information
We’ve included a snapshot of how our information and advice goes beyond simply responding to individual enquiries. We are championing the need for appropriate and easy to understand information, so people can be independent and enact their own care where possible.

Read more about our impact and performance in the report below. 


Impact and Performance-Report Q2 2021-2022 - July to October 2021

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