Hallmark Travel - Life in Lockdown Case Study

Working with East Grinstead Museum, we have a series of Life in Lockdown studies that capture the pandemic experience and issues from the point of view of Businesses, Individuals, and Community Groups.
Text: 'Life in Lockdown Case Study'

Hallmark Travel is just off the High Street in East Grinstead. They are 30 years old. Their clients are discerning travelling to destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Indochina, and Japan.

Our case study highlights the challenges and changes for Hallmark Travel during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

I have a Zoom meeting with my staff – they are all on furlough, and have been since March 2021. We gather together from our homes and chat about the office, the future, exchange ideas and have a laugh remembering funny moments and missing our customers.


Life in Lockdown Case Study - Hallmark Travel

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