GP Websites - how easy is it to find information?

An observational assessment of the information provided on GP websites in West Sussex.
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Since the end of the Lockdown One, residents have been increasingly sharing information to suggest some are struggling to access GP services in West Sussex.  The length of time people reporting waiting to get through to a GP Practice is very mixed and in some cases is extreme. We are aware that a number of Practices are in the process of installing more telephone lines to compensate for the increase in outbound calls.

Accessible information, that helps the public to understand the necessary changes to services is key to managing the COVID-19 response and how services will be offered going forward.

One of the questions we want to answer was - how these changes are being communicated? Starting with Practice websites.

Our aim through this work is to support local GP Practices in getting the most from their websites. To do this we’ve reviewed current content and through this report are sharing what we believe good practice looks like.

There are currently 80 GP practices in West Sussex (with the recent merge of Lime Trees and Phoenix Surgeries in Worthing). Each practice has been given an individual report and where applicable have been invited to review the information that appears out-of-date or would benefit from an information refresh.


GP Access - Website Review December 20 and updated in March 21

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