Case Study - Hospital Communication and Discharge during COVID

This is Stanley and Barbara's story of their experience of hospital communication and discharge.
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We contacted this family, having seen their story, to listen and understand in more detail their experience. We were delighted to be told that telling their story has been cleansing for them.

This family’s story highlights areas that can cause concern during normal times. The pandemic means these issues can now be magnified with the changes in interactions and limitations on hospital visits. When there are negative impacts, outcomes are intensified.

We hope this case study will help our Health and Care System recognise the impact of the changes arising from the pandemic and seek ways to address these to support patients and their families.

There was no follow-up from the GP and we were concerned, as he was obviously confused, and we were not sure it was just a fall, although that’s what it was treated as.


Hospital communication and discharge during COVID - case study (June 2020)

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