Rural North Chichester Integrated Health Hub - Winter Engagement

Healthwatch West Sussex supporting wider engagement to inform the development of the new health hub in rural north Chichester during Winter 2019/2020
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Healthwatch have supported some of the wider independent engagement for the Rural North Chichester Integrated Health Hub Development.

During November 2019, Dr Emma Woodcock and Cheryl Berry (Healthwatch) were invited to speak with the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Pulborough Medical Group. We also spoke with people in the waiting room of Riverbank Medical Practice about the project, here we were supported by two members of Midhurst League of Friends.

During our engagement, people told us that one of the main problems is Community Transport, so during November, we used the following questions as prompts during our engagement:

  • Do you think the community transport services in your area are satisfactory?
  • What do you normally use community transport for and what is available?
  • Describe your experience of using community transport?
  • Are bus and rail services satisfactory in your area? If not why?

This report consists of the insight captured from engagement events in November 2019, and emails received. We engaged with 78 people and captured 152 views, experiences and stories.


Healthwatch - Midhurst Winter Engagement Report 2019-2020

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