Local peoples’ views and feedback: Rural North Chichester Integrated Health Hub

Healthwatch West Sussex supporting wider engagement to inform the development of the new health hub in rural West Sussex
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Following on from two public meetings to update and involve local people on proposals for an Integrated Health Hub (the most recent taking place on 8 October 2019), we have supported some wider independent engagement at a series of events.

We also filmed the Hub lead, Dr Emma Woodcock in order to offer local people an update in a video giving information on what is suggested and how it is envisaged the hug will improve services for residents.

Our engagement has been framed by the following six questions:

  1. What do you believe the services in the Integrated Health Hub will provide?
  2. What kind of services would you like to see being part of the Integrated Health Hub – NHS, Social care, Community Services, other?
  3. What support from the Integrated Health Hub would help you and your family stay as healthy and independent as possible?
  4. We have been told by residents that local transport is an issue. What are the main issues for you? What could make it easier for you to get the most from this community facility?
  5. As the Integrated Health Hub will have a wide range of information what types of information would you like to see available there?
  6. Do you have any other comments/concerns?

The following insight has been captured from seven events during October 2019. Many of these events were facilitated using the questions as prompts. We engaged with 218 people and captured 228 views, experiences and stories.


Read more in this report:

Midhurst Engagement Report (Rural North Chichester Integrated Health Hub) - December 2019

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