How I #SelfCare - by Julie

Julie Kalsi, who works at Crawley Borough Council, shares how she self cares as part of #SelfCareWeek
Julie Kalsi working from home

This week is Self Care Week. We have recently shared tips, advice and guidance on self care, and how to ‘live’ self care for a happier, healthier life.

Here, Julie Kalsi, shares how she self cares...

Hello, I am Julie

'I work at home, and decided to learn how to take time to care for my wellbeing during lockdown. I wanted to become a 'lockdown loser' - to look at how I can eat well and lose weight.'

I start each day by doing a short joga session, following a tutorial on YouTube.
— (Link to the YouTube channel:

'I have my work station facing a window to benefit from natural lighting. I have a candle on, as well as fresh, bright flowers in the room.

I have introduced Lockember events too. For example, dress-up Wednesdays, including wearing external shoes!'

It's easy to lose practice in walking in heels, especially when you're in lockdown slippers all day!

'At the end of the day, I pack away my workstation. This is to stop me getting tempted to just answer a few quick emails (that end up taking up lots of evening time).'

Julie shares some fantastic ways to self care and how she looks after her mental and physical wellbeing. 

For more information on self care, click here.

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