Youth Activity Resource Pack - COVID-19 edition

The activities in this pack will allow you (young people) to use your experiences of how you’ve been affected by COVID-19. These resources are intended as a starting point to kick start your own ideas and interests.
Girl holding sign saying my voice counts

Young people are an essential voice that should be heard. They’re tomorrow’s service users and the workforce of the future. We actively seek their views and opinions, and support them to ‘have their say’ and ‘their voices heard’. 

In these fast-changing times, it’s more important than ever that you have a voice and can let service providers know what you need. The ideas included are all starting points. Feel free to develop your own ideas.

Activities include: 

  • Poster design and raising awareness of Healthwatch West Sussex
  • Create a resource (poster, flyer, presentation)
  • Create a blog/vlog
  • Create a social media campaign
  •  Create a message of support 
  •  Publish an article 
  • Help other people 
  •  Look after yourself

More information about our original youth pack and how to download it, can be found on our Youth Pack page

Why you should work with Healthwatch West Sussex:

  • Your voice and experiences are important
  • You can make a difference to health and care across West Sussex
  • You can influence change
  • Working with Healthwatch West Sussex will look good on your CV and help with future job and education applications.
  • If you’ve worked on a big project with us – we’ll be able to give you a reference.
  • And, you’ll get a certificate (that we’ve created especially for you) once we’ve seen your ideas and projects. Hurrah!


Healthwatch West Sussex Youth Pack - COVID-19 edition

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