Staying healthy and well this Winter

The winter months bring many health and care challenges from Covid-19 to the flu, from loneliness to family stresses and strains.
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This time of year can take an increasing toll on people’s health, with Covid-19 still very much in the news, winter illnesses such as the flu, financial pressures, isolation and other issues all putting pressure onto our mental health.

We have compiled support and information resources to help everyone in West Sussex stay safe and well this winter.  

Dealing with Covid-19  

This winter will be particularly challenging for the health services with the ongoing issue of Covid-19 putting pressure on services, alongside all the usual winter pressures that come every year.

It is up to all of us to play our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. For the latest national information and guidance check out the NHS and Government websites:  

If you or someone you know has caught Covid-19, there is a new NHS health website to support through the recovery time, offering advice and information: 

Advice for the clinically vulnerable  

Advice on visiting care homes 

There is also a lot of support, advice and information available locally on Covid-19 including symptoms, what you can and can’t do, and where to go for help:  

West Sussex County Council website

West Sussex Connect to Support website

We have also developed a web page with the latest information on the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine across West Sussex, which we will be keeping updated regularly. 

It is a difficult time for everyone and for many people the pandemic and its consequences have had an impact on their mental health, due to the isolation and perhaps financial pressures and job fears.

Christmas can be a particularly challenging time for many and if you are concerned for yourself or others you can call the Sussex mental heath crisis line:

Sussex Mental Healthline: for telephone support and information 0800 0309 500

Alternatively call 111.

If you need support financial or with job loss etc Citizen Advice have information on their website or you can call 0344 477 1171

Looking after your physical health this Winter 

The cold weather, being stuck at home and all the tempting food around the festive season can play havoc with our physical health so it’s important to take steps to stay active and healthy this winter.

Here are some national resources to help you stay physically healthy this winter:  

It’s also more important than ever to get your flu vaccine this year for more information:

  • For the public visit here
  • if you are a social care work you can find out more information here

There has been much in the news about potential coronavirus vaccines – for the latest information visit this site and go to the announcements section: and check out our web page as well. 

As well as exercise, it’s important to be aware of any health issues that you might have. While there is much in the news about the pressures on the health service it is very important that you continue to get advice and help if you do have any health concerns.  

We have developed advice and resources about continuing to access the NHS during the pandemic.  

Looking after your mental health this Winter  

The pandemic has increased the mental health pressures on many people this year but there are many places to seek support and advice if you are worried about your own, or someone else’s mental health this winter.  

Coping with loneliness and isolation 

The winter and festive season can be particularly challenging for those living alone, but this year that is compounded by the pandemic, with many more people shielding due to being clinically vulnerable or simply too fearful to be with other people.

Isolation and loneliness can have a real impact on mental health, as well as physical health, for those who are unable to leave home.  

During the pandemic it is possible to set up a support bubble to help with the problems which isolation can bring.

There are also many resources, help and support available here.  

Staying safe and well over the Winter months 

For many people, simply having enough food to eat, and staying warm due to the heating costs, pose big challenges at this time of year. If you or anyone you know is having issues around staying safe and well this Winter, then please do seek help.  

You can find links to helpful resources here. 

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