Support List for Health, Advice and Wellbeing for young people

Need some help? We’ve put together a list of services to help you find support. It doesn’t cover everything available but it is a good starting point.
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This list is for young people to help know where they can go for support

We will review this info quarterly, but information can go out of date quickly. Please, let us know if any of the service information is wrong. Please also be aware that some of the services detailed will have waiting lists and a criteria for accessing the service.

Remember to talk! It may sound silly, but talking can help. Your friends or family may be able to make a difference. Or talk to someone at school or college. Schools will have pastoral and/or support staff who will be able to offer some guidance and possibly some 1-2-1 time. Or visit your GP and explain how you’re feeling. They can also help you find support.

It’s worth talking things through with someone you trust. They might be able to help.

Please contact the Healthwatch Helpdesk for information and guidance if you can’t find it

0300 012 0122


Support List for Health, Advice and Wellbeing

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