Progress Report on Autism Assessments for Adults

We’re publishing this report to give you an update from Sussex NHS Commissioners and the Neurodevelopmental Service on what has happened in the last nine months.
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In July 2021, we published our report demonstrating the impact adults experience when waiting a long time for an autism assessment/diagnosis.

In this report, we made 10 recommendations and called for urgent action to improve the lives of those waiting for a neurological assessment. This assessment is often vital in someone understanding their neurodiversity and also the key to getting much needed support.

On 22 July 2021, the Government published a national strategy for Autistic Children, Young People and Adults for 2021 to 2026, which should help drive forward progress.

We’re delighted that in West Sussex, commissioners are paying for additional resources by out-sourcing over 500 assessments. This means children and young people waiting for a neurological assessment should get a diagnosis and support sooner. This may also ease the demand for adult services.

However, the service has told us that since we reported last year, the demand for an adult neurodevelopmental assessment has increased (up by 2% month on month.)

Read more in our report, which can be downloaded below.


Progress Report on Adult Autism Assessments (March 2022)

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