Support to Relatives and Family Carers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A series of webinar events were organised between September 2020 and March 2021 on behalf of informal carers (families and friends) of care home residents. This is our overarching report from these events.
Older man holding his granddaughter

Our webinar events for relatives and carers of loved ones in care homes aimed to:

  • Share unpaid carers’ views and experiences of visiting (or not visiting) their relative or friend in a care home during the pandemic.
  • Enable unpaid carers to ask questions and gain answers from health and social care representatives about current and future access to care home residents.
  • Have access to timely, accurate information around official and local visiting guidelines.
  • Raise any concerns about wider care home service improvement; and
  • Influence decisions made by health and care leaders during the pandemic.

In our report, we share the key themes that emerged from the discussions from the webinars and our recommendations for what happens next. 

I felt listened to and it’s good to have the opportunity for carers to talk. Important that these sessions are happening.


Healthwatch in Sussex - Care Home Webinars - Overarching Report - June 2021

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