On equal terms - Annual Report 2020-21

Our Annual Report, On Equal Terms, highlights our work, what we've achieved and our plans for next year
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Following the Prime Minister’s national directive our face-to-face engagement ceased in March 2020, and we moved rapidly to a new and flexible plan. We refocused our immediate priority on COVID-19 and any hot topics arising from peoples’ issues and experiences.

Highlights from our year

  • We heard from 17,379 people about their experiences of health and social care. 
  • We provided advice and information to 3,000+ people.
  • We engaged with and supported 2,700+ people during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We published 130 reports about the improvement people would like to see to health and social care services. From this, we escalated 62 concerns (some small and other affecting many) and made over 30 recommendations for improvement.
85% of recommendations we made last year have been acted upon, at the point where we reviewed progress.

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