Supporting Vaccine Confidence - Your views and experiences

This report details residents’ experiences and views from our survey to understand from people how to improve the vaccine service and vaccine confidence.
Female having a plaster put on after her vaccination

During March 2021 2,250 West Sussex residents completed a vaccine survey. (This includes 256 people who completed a survey that we ran on behalf of the GP Federations.)

The purpose of the survey was to:

  • understand from people how to improve the vaccine service and thereby public vaccine confidence (both what is working well and what could be changed)
  • ask people, who had not yet had the vaccine their thoughts, to see what further information was needed to support people to make informed decisions.

This report details residents’ experiences and views and builds on the interim report we published in March.

There is a high level of satisfaction with the vaccination process amongst the 2,250 West Sussex residents who kindly completed our survey during March 2021.


We make the following recommendations to support public vaccine confidence.

  • To address potential for confusion, vaccine administrators could for example send a confirmation text with a web-page link to information on how to prepare yourself for the vaccine. People would benefit from knowing who they can contact, if they have any questions before or after the vaccine.
  • To maximise uptake (particularly with the focus of the vaccination programme turning to work-aged adults), GP-led sites may need to consider offering greater flexibility in vaccine appointment times. Without this, those who cannot easily travel to a larger vaccination site, will face a choice between having the vaccine or being paid. For people on low incomes, this becomes an impossible situation.
  • We invite vaccine providers to look at Appendix A (which details all vaccine venues with more than five responses), to firstly appreciate the positive comments and secondly, to see if there are improvement opportunities identified through this feedback.


Healthwatch West Sussex - Vaccine Survey Report - April 2021

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