Early Flu Communication - Reflections & Recommendation

We have provided insight to the Sussex Integrated Care System on this year’s local communication about flu vaccines, having listened to residents. Here we reflect on what could be done to support more people to get this important protection.
Someone getting an injection

General Practices (GPs) and Community Pharmacies are well versed in communicating and running the flu vaccine programme, having refined this over recent years. Many enlist the support of their Patient Participant Groups (PPGs) in this process.

This year, fear and changing community practices has brought a new dimension to this. Added to which, the Government’s announcement in July that more people will be offered the flu vaccine has meant GPs and Pharmacies have increased demand and new cohorts of people to communicate with.

Read our reflections and recommendations in the report below. 


Healthwatch in Sussex - Flu Communication Reflections and Recommendations (September 2020)

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