Case Study: Sussex Oakleaf

This is an independent case study showing an example of Sussex Oakleaf’s story of adapting during the COVID crisis and what the future holds.

By working with our colleagues in the Voluntary and Community sector, we have a series of reports on our website that capture the experiences and issues from the point of view of services and groups that support local people in the community.

Sussex Oakleaf currently provide a range of support services to people with mental health needs, those with a personality disorder, and individuals at risk of homelessness.

'We aim to empower people and promote independence by providing recovery-focused community wellbeing services, residential care, peer mentoring, housing support and volunteering opportunities.'

- Dudley Edwards Sussex Oakleaf

Read about how Sussex Oakleaf adapted during the COVID crisis, in the report below.


MSVA COVID 19 Case Study - Sussex Oakleaf

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