Your Health and Social Care - Insight into Action - report 5

This is our fifth report in this series and covers the insight we've heard from you from 23rd May - 12th June 2020.

What are we hearing?

We raise and escalate the issues we hear as soon as we hear them. These reports then collate issues and trends to enable our developing Integrated Care System to plan and adapt to changing needs. Originally this was a fortnightly report but as we have moved from dealing with the initial pandemic crisis, we are gradually stepping down the reporting with this edition covering 3 weeks and the next issue planned to cover 4 weeks (15 July).

Our aim is to enable the public, our partners and those that are accountable for health and care support and services to gain insight from what people have shared with us and to raise awareness of and what has been done as a result.

Report includes insight based around:

  • Mental Health
  • Access to face-to-face NHS services
  • Digital and telephone care
  • Test and trace
  • Dental care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Care homes
  • Praise 
  • Shielded people


COVID Health Care Insight Into Action #5 (Healthwatch West Sussex) - 17 June 2020

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