Talking and listening to people in Broadbridge Heath - Listening Tour June 2019

We visited Broadbridge Heath, so we can better understand the health and social care changes for local people living in a village/town undergoing significant new housing growth.

This tour and report recognise how housing; schools, travel and community assets (the
wider determinates) positively or negatively impact on residents’ health and wellbeing.


We met hundreds of residents during our tour and listened to over 350 stories and had
many valuable conversations. People were more than happy to share their lived
experiences and views with us.

We heard that health and care experiences varied, but that common themes can be
identified. Many spoke highly of their NHS experience.

Emerging strongly from local people, as having a negative influence on their health and
wellbeing, for both young families and older Broadbridge Heath residents, is the
environment and lack of infrastructure.


Read the report here

Listening Tour - Broadbridge Heath Report

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