Enter and View - East Surrey Hospital - May 2019

This reports on our Enter and View work carried, as part of our Hospital Visiting Programme
East Surrey Hospital Image

Healthwatch has a legal power to visit health and social care services and see them in action. This power to Enter and View services offers a way for Healthwatch to meet some of its statutory functions and allows us to identify what is working well with services and where they could be improved.

The purpose of an Enter and View visit is to collect evidence of what works well and what could be improved to make people’s experiences better. We use this evidence to make recommendations and inform changes both for individual services as well as health and social care system-wide.

A team of seven Authorised Representatives visited East Surrey hospital on Friday, 3 May 2019. This was an unannounced visit, but we had made the Trust aware we would be visiting the hospitals in May. Our general impression, from talking to patients and staff, was that most seemed very happy with care, their treatment and the hospital.

They don’t treat you like a number but as an individual.

- Robert, Inpatient


Hospital Visting Programme - East Surrey Hospital (June 2019)

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