Eye Clinic Observations

This report is the result of a partnership between 4Sight Vision Support, Healthwatch West Sussex and the University of Chichester.
Eye Clinic Observations two people

The aim of the study was to identify patient experience and service knowledge of people who accessed the eye clinics at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHFT) Southlands and St. Richard’s hospitals.

A total of 85 people voluntarily participated in the study, with interviews taking place
between 12 July and 17 August 2018.

The study has shown an overall positive patient experience at both Eye Clinic’s, however, patient feedback highlights issues around:

  • difficulties with the appointments process
  • length of waiting times whilst in clinics
  • poor communication between healthcare professionals and patients - particularly in
  • relation to a perceived lack of information provided by consultants to patients about their eye condition
  • concerns around procedures
  • travelling time and cost for patients when travelling to and from the hospitals.


Eye Clinic Observations Report

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