Voluntary Sector Resilience Survey

Through collaborative working Voluntary Sector Support, Sussex Community Foundation and Healthwatch West Sussex want to capture the experience of the voluntary sector response and future planning to the COVID 19 crisis within the Horsham district.
Black elderly woman ina nursing home being spoken to by a nurse

The COVID 19 crisis has highlighted the importance of the voluntary and community sector and the vital role of volunteering and community support during this crisis.

We want to hear about your experiences of COVID 19, to help us to better understand the challenges for your organisation and the wider voluntary and community sector. We will use this information to advocate for your interests and, wherever possible, to adapt our services to meet your needs.

We will also use the information in our joint reports which will be widely distributed to our members and partners.  We will anonymise all data. This information will be stored on Healthwatch West Sussex, Sussex Community Foundation and Voluntary Sector Support IT systems and will be password protected.

Please take some time to complete this survey and share your experience and thoughts. It should only take you about 10 minutes.

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 If you would prefer to have a phone interview, email contact Cheryl for more information at  cheryl.berry@healthwatchwestsussex.co.uk

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