High Sheriff - Life in Lockdown Case Study

Working with East Grinstead Museum, we have a series of Life in Lockdown studies that capture the pandemic experience and issues from the point of view of Businesses, Individuals, and Community Groups.
Text: 'Life in Lockdown Case Study'

The Office of High Sheriff is at least 1,000 years old having its roots in Saxon times before the Norman Conquest. The Shrievalty, as the office is known, is the oldest secular office under the Crown. Originally the office held many of the powers now vested in the Lord-Lieutenant, High Court judges, magistrates, local authorities, coroners and HM Revenue and Customs.

Our case study highlights the challenges and changes for Dr Tim Fooks, High Sheriff of West Sussex during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

As plans for annual ceremonies and receptions were shelved, or moved on-line, so I became very busy adapting my role and proactively reaching out to connect with leaders from every sector across the county.


Life in Lockdown Case Study - High Sheriff

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