Our Annual Report 2019-20

Our Annual Report: Guided by You, highlights our work, what we've achieved and our plans for next year
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Health and care that works for you

  • 60+ volunteers helping to carry out our work. In total, they gave up 2,833 hours of support. 
  • We employed 10 staff. The majority of our staff team are part time. We invested an additional 22% on top of the core into community partnerships.
  • We recieved £342,600 in funding from our local authority in 2019-20, no change since the 40% reduction in 2016.

Providing support

  • 4,300+ people shared their health and social care story with us, 44% more than last year.
  • 2,000+ people accessed Healthwatch West Sussex advice and information online or contacted us with questions about local support. We also supported others by providing face-to-face information and advice.

Reaching out 

  • 128,000 people engaged with us through our website, social media, and face-to-face at community events.

Making a difference to care

  • We published 24 reports about the improvements people would like to see with their health and social care, and from this, we made 73 recommendations for improvement.


Healthwatch West Sussex Annual Report 2019-2020

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