Your Health and Social Care - Insight into Action - report 3

What we've heard from you - insight from 25th April - 8th May

At a glance

We have...

  • Created dedicated Coronavirus information and advice on our website (adding a new page so the information is more accessible) and updated our FAQs
  • We’ve taken part in virtual group meetings to hear peoples’ accounts and are keen to join more of these groups.
  • Received comments and stories about positive ways services and staff are adapting, dentists, community services and about peoples’ experience of COVID-19 Testing Services.
  • Shared and raised issues specifically around:

- Continued confusion over shielding and social isolation
- Access to dental treatment
- Transport for pregnant women

  • This report is being shared widely and with local NHS, Local Government and Community and Voluntary services, so they can hear where things are working well and help them identify any gaps.

Where is our insight coming from?

At present, our opportunity to directly engage with West Sussex residents is more limited than before the pandemic.

We have redirected resource to be even more active on social media, sharing information and asking for feedback on health and care services. In these two weeks, our posts have reached 6,091 people directly (up by over 60% from previous fortnight) and been seen in many local community group pages.

We also continue to actively seek insight about health and social care experiences through our website, newsletters, responding to calls and emails via our Helpdesk Team, and virtual events such as group coffee meetings.

Community and Voluntary organisations are playing an even bigger role in being our partners to be eyes and ears so we can understand the experiences of those they support. To ensure that we can make quick and effective use of what they share, we have introduced a weekly meeting for West Sussex voluntary partners.

If your organisation isn’t already involved and would like to join these meetings to share insight from your clients/members/communities, please do contact us.

This report is a collation of all these sources of insight.


COVID Health Care Insight Into Action (Healthwatch West Sussex) - 13 May 2020

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