About our campaign

We want the written communications that you get from the NHS to be clear, easy to understand and reassuring. Over the past few months, we have been hearing that this is not always the case.

So, if you have received an appointment letter, email or even a text that was:

  • Unclear
  • Hard to follow (not accessible, too long)
  • Used jargon
  • Left out important details like contact information, who you can bring, where to park your car etc
  • Does not offer reassurance…

Then we are here to help. We can be your voice.

Share your #ConfusingComms experience

Why are we asking for confusing communication experiences?

We are asking for examples of how NHS appointment letters, emails or texts that have confused you, made you feel worried or anxious by the way it was worded.

With your examples, we will help the NHS learn how to improve their written communications so that patients feel more confident to attend their appointments.

Our aim is that you will get clear letters, emails, and texts from the NHS in the future.

My NHS letter said I had an urgent appointment scheduled for next week. I wasn't expecting this and made me feel very anxious. The letter didn't explain why it was urgent.'
— Verity, a patient in West Sussex

How do I share my experience?

Send us your #ConfusingComms by using the link below. You can take a photo of your letter, email, or text and upload it, or type what you found unclear. 

If you don't want to share your communications with us, please still tell us how it made you feel, and what could have been better.

I want to share my #ConfusingComms experience

If you would feel more comfortable sharing your experiences on the phone, please call our friendly helpdesk team on 0300 012 0122.

Communication tips for restoring planned care

Early public feedback to our #ConfusingComms campaign allowed us to highlight some good practice and make suggestions, based on experiences people have recently shared.

Our report gives suggestions on how local health and care services can communicate efficiently to manage expectations and offer reassurance. 

Read our report here

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