COVID-19 Vaccinations: Your views and experiences

As the COVID-19 Vaccination programme is underway in West Sussex, we are keen to hear your views and experiences.
Woman getting her vaccination

As the COVID-19 Vaccination programme is underway in West Sussex, at Healthwatch we are keen to hear:

Your views on the vaccine and vaccinations for COVID-19

  • Are you happy to receive a vaccination?
  • Do you have any concerns?
  • Would you like to know more?

Personal experiences of the COVID-19 vaccination process 

  • How was it for you?
  • How could it be improved for others?
  • Do you feel safer?
  • Will this influence how you behave?

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Your answers will help us understand public and patient opinion, which we will share with health and care providers and decision-makers to inform and improve the vaccination process. 

The closing date for the survey is midnight on Wednesday 31st March 2021.

Support in completing the survey
If you would like assistance in completing this survey, require it in a different format or wish to complete it with a member of our staff over the phone, please contact us via  or call 0300 012 0122

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