Self Esteem Flyer - created by Emma and Mind & Soul

Emma and a team of students called Mind & Soul, created a guidance leaflet for young people.
Emma's 'Be Yourself' artwork

Read how Emma became inspired to create a flyer for young people about their self esteem while she volunteered with us:

'' I volunteered for Healthwatch so that my experiences could be shared with other young people who may be struggling with their self-esteem.

I wanted to encourage talking about self-esteem and to spread positivity to teenagers who often struggle to open-up and discuss issues.

When I spoke to Healthwatch, they told me they were making a youth pack for schools, and I became interested in creating a leaflet including hints and tips for boosting self-esteem, the benefits of sports on mental health, and tips for dealing with exam stress.

It’s amazing that Healthwatch like our work so much! I couldn’t wait to see the finished version of the leaflet and created some original artwork to support the themes. It’s been used for National Citizen Scheme (NCS) presentations, shared at Fresher’s Fairs and is part of the Youth Pack.

I’d love to work with Healthwatch West Sussex again in the future. They were very supportive.

I hope this leaflet goes on to make a difference and help stop other young people going through what I did. I think that mental health is really important, and something we all need to open up about and discuss.

I’m happy that sharing my story can help others, and I’m proud of what we achieved. Thank you for letting us be a part of the change to help young people open-up! ''

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