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Patients of Fitzalan Medical Group, Littlehampton learn their practice has gone into special measure

Posted on: 29/03/2018

Fitzalan Medical Group share the disappointing news that today the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has placed their surgeries in Littlehampton into special measures.

Following the CQC’s visit just before Christmas Ftizalan Medical Group’s doctors and staff have told patients they have been working very hard and already made a number of improvements on what is published in the CQC report.

As you may be aware GP practices are regularly reviewed by the Care Quality Commission. This is to make sure that health services, including GP practices, are providing well led, safe, and effective care.

The report highlights key areas where the medical group needs to improve, including:

  • How we manage repeat prescriptions;
  • How we monitor and review patients with repeat prescriptions;
  • The number of patients with long term conditions who have had an annual review;
  • How we share and learn across the practice team;
  • There was not a comprehensive audit plan for the practice.

Katrina Broadhill, Healthwatch West Sussex Manager, saying “It is always worrying to read such reports, and disappointing to see the CQC were only able to speak to six patients and representatives from the Patient Participation Group on the day of their visit. However, we welcome Fitzalan Medical Group’s desire, as stated on their website, to work with patients and the local community to make the practice the best it possibly can be. We aim to work with them during our revisit of Littlehampton, planned for May 2018. We are revisiting to find out from local people if the changes made since we publish our report have made a positive difference for them.

We are keen to hear from patients and their family/friend carers about their experiences at Fitzalan Medical Group to learn what works well for them and what could be improved. Sharing your stories helps us to work with local service providers to make things better and talking to us is a way of safely having your voice heard.  You can provide your story online or by calling us on 0300 012 0122.