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Lifelong Services – a new service for people requiring social care

Posted on: 29/03/2019

West Sussex County Council is creating a Lifelong Service for anyone that has a lifelong disability acquired before the age of 25, including autism. The service is for people that require social care support either as a child or as an adult.

Moving from children’s to adults’ social services is a huge step for young people and services have not always responded in a way that is coordinated and person-centred.

In creating a single Lifelong service, the vision is to:

• Offer early intervention

• Build on a person’s strengths to develop skills and independence throughout all stages of their life journey

• Promote and maintain safety and good health and

• Facilitate employment

By providing a more joined up experience resources can be used in the best way and individuals can be enabled to live a ‘good life’ as defined by them.

What West Sussex County Council is doing?

6 areas of priority as follows:

Workforce – Bringing children’s and adults disability social care and support services under one structure, (including occupational therapy for children and adults with lifelong disabilities)

Working Practice and Culture – Designing a model that reflects the vision, including developing a single referral process Improved links with education and health services

Governance, systems and performance – Ensuring structures and processes support the new way of working

Market Shaping – Developing support and provision for all levels of need to achieve social inclusion, independence aspiration and resilience, and cost effectiveness

Budget and Savings – Effective whole life budget planning supporting improved efficiencies across the Local Authority

Communication and Co-production – Increasing the profile, sharing our journey and working with our customers and partners



• Developed and embedded My Plan- an outcome-focused single assessment and planning document designed to be used by the person throughout their life journey

• Designed a Lifelong Services ‘wiki’ with the aim of helping young people and those supporting them through their transition to adulthood

• Recruitment to a permanent head of lifelong services is underway and we’ve secured transformation capacity to help deliver priorities

• Learning from other Local Authorities about effective service models and delivery

If you would like more information on the vision and principles click here.

West Sussex County Council want to co-produce the service so is very interested in your views. If you wish to know more or want to say what you think please email Dave Sargeant at: [email protected]