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Our first community tour will be taking place in East Grinstead in September 2016. We will be visiting doctor’s surgeries, community centres and other locations throughout the town and surrounding areas, so we can hear from residents their health and care stories, and  suggestions on how things could work in the future.

We will be launching our tour on 10th September with some fun activities …. look out for us in the High Street.

Healthwatch has the power to bring about positive change by working with local health and care providers, and as a result your experiences will help other local people.

We are keen to establish a Healthwatch Network in this town, so please contact us if you live or work in East Grinstead.

Through this Network we hope to firstly establish the views, experiences and concerns of local residents and then work together to find solutions.

This is a great way of supporting your neighbours and community and for getting local peoples’ voices heard.

Why not come a visit us at one of the events or
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